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  1. Permit to Purchase a Firearm - Scott County Residents Only

    Residents of any Scott County townships or City of Credit River can apply for a Permit to Purchase at the Scott County Sheriff's Office or by submitting their application via this online form.

  2. Which application are you submitting?*
    All Permit to Carry Applications must be submitted in person at your local Sheriff's Office.
  3. Do you live in Scott County?*
    If you answer "No" to this question, you must bring your application to the county in which you currently reside.
  4. Which township (or City of Credit River) do you reside in?*

    The Sheriff's Office only processes applications for residents of Scott County townships and the City of Credit River. 

    If you live within city limits, you will need to submit your completed application to the POLICE DEPARTMENT of the city in which you live.

  5. Complete Application?*

    Please triple check that every required field of your application has been filled out completely and accurately. If there is missing information, or you've filled it out wrong, we cannot process your application.

  6. All required signatures?*
    All check boxes need to be checked in order to submit your application.
  7. Upload a scanned copy of your application.
  8. Upload your current Minnesota driver's license, Minnesota ID card or passport with supporting residency documentation. This can be a scanned file or a photo. MUST BE A COLOR PHOTO.
    Complete the state application. All areas of the application must be filled in completely, signed and a current Minnesota driver's license, Minnesota ID card or passport with supporting residency documentation. You must be 21 years or older under federal law to acquire handguns from licensed dealers. You must not be a fugitive. Any type of warrant (including petty parking) classifies a person as a fugitive. You must not be the subject of a restraining order. You must not meet any exclusion for permit criteria.
    State law requires law enforcement agencies to conduct a series of background-related checks to ensure the eligibility requirements established in state law are met.
    A Permit to Purchase card or a denial letter will be mailed within seven days. Permits to Purchase are valid for one year. There is no fee.
    For additional information, please contact our office at 952-496-8300.
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