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Proctoring Guidelines & Scheduling Form

  1. It is the student’s responsibility to verify that the guidelines are acceptable to the institution:

    • Staff will not provide constant monitoring/supervision during the testing period.
    • The student must contact library staff to schedule the exam at least two library-open days in advance.
    Hours are found at This service may not be available during all open hours.
    • The Librarian on duty at the time of the test will monitor it, regardless of who scheduled the exam.
    • Tests can be mailed or emailed to the library. Students must verify in advance that the test or password has arrived.
    • The student is required to present a picture ID before testing begins.
    • Staff will not hold personal items for the student during the exam (ie: cell phones, text books, back packs, etc…)
    • The student is responsible for all fees/charges related to the testing, including printing and mailing fees.
    • The library may not be able to install special software to take online exams.
    • If the student is not able to take the exam at the scheduled time, please call in advance to cancel or reschedule.
    • Staff will not rate, grade, or otherwise assess the quality or value of the student’s work prior to or after the exam.
    • Staff will not be able to proctor Minnesota insurance and real estate exams, per the MN Department of Commerce exam requirements. Please contact the Library for a list of proctors in the Minneapolis metro area.
    • The library reserves the right to limit this service, if necessary.
    • In an effort to continue offering and improving proctoring services, the library may send you a brief survey about your proctoring experience. Your recommendations are important to us.

  2. I (the student) have verified that the Scott County Library Proctoring Guidelines above meet my Institution's Requirements. *

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  8. First test must be at least two library-open days in advance of today's date.

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