Windows/Doors (In Existing Opening)

Required Submittals ----- Important: Project address shall be displayed on all submittal documents. Applications with incomplete submittals will be rejected and delayed.

IMPORTANT: Electronic submittal document files are required to be named appropriately to ensure efficient permit processing. Review Naming Submittal Documents prior to starting ePermit process to ensure all files are labeled appropriately. See all related ePermit submittal and resubmittal requirements to help avoid delays in processing. 

Residential Window/Door Replacement - in existing framed rough opening or window inserts being installed into existing window. Provide description and U-Factor details when applying for permit on line.

Residential New Openings for Window/Door - shall be applied for as a Residential Remodel/Repair permit, see submittal requirements here.

Commercial Window/Door Replacement - provide the following submittal documents for plan review.

  • Township Approval Form - Complete the Permit Application in its entirety, including township approval signature. Do not upload if not required.
  • Contacts and Contractors Form - To complete form, type or print neatly. Upload completed contact and contractor form as applicable for the project. Contacts and sub-contractors listed will be notified of permit.
  • Survey/Detail Site Plans -  details shall include survey or other accurately scaled drawing showing:
    • Location of proposed addition
    • Location of and distances from proposed addition to other structures, property lines, and septic tanks/system
  • Building Plans - Provide details on type of wall assembly, construction type, hardware, and materials; including floor plan identifying all windows and/or doors that are being replaced
  • Specifications - Manufacturers’ Specifications

Commercial New Opening for Window/Door - shall be applied for as a Commercial Remodel/Repair permit. See submittal requirements here.


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