Basement Finish

Required Submittals ----- Important: Project address shall be displayed on all submittal documents. Applications with incomplete submittals will be rejected and delayed. 

IMPORTANT: Electronic submittal document files are required to be named appropriately to ensure efficient permit processing. Review Naming Submittal Documents prior to starting ePermit process to ensure all files are labeled appropriately. See all related ePermit submittal and resubmittal requirements to help avoid delays in processing. 

  • Township Approval Form - Use form to determine if township approval is required for project location. Submit completed form with township approval signature if applicable. Do not upload if not required.
  • Contact & Contractors FormTo complete form, type or print neatly. Upload completed contact and contractor form as applicable for your project. Contacts and sub-contractors listed will be notified of permit.
  • Building Plans- Per MN Rules 1300, plans shall be dimensioned and drawn upon suitable material. Provide complete set of plans including structural, floor layout, cross sections, elevations and energy. Plans shall be uploaded as one multipage complete set (not individual sheets). Plan sheets shall only be separated if larger than 50 MB. Individual sheet uploads will not be accepted. 
    • See Basement Finish Handout for specific required details to be included on the plans.
    • The following details shall be identified on all basement finish plans :
      • All room dimensions shall be shown on plans. Include all walls, doors, windows, ceiling height
      • All rooms shall be labeled for the use. Areas that will remain unfinished shall be labeled accordingly
      • Structural details, if structural changes proposed
      • Show locations of plumbing fixtures on plans and identify if current rough in (drain, waste, vent) already exists
      • Show any additional mechanical equipment locations, such as: fireplace, mini-split, A/C, or other
      • If increasing the size of or adding openings to exterior or bearing walls, provide all loading and beam details in those areas including additional point load footings

Optional Submittals, if applicable

  • Specifications - Provide product installation specifications if any materials or fasteners require specific manufacturers’ specifications for installation.

Examples of specifications include:

Beam check sheets

Material ES Report or other listing standard details

Fastener Specifications


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