Sewer/Water Main

This is not a septic system or well permit. For septic systems go to Septic Permit type. Wells shall be installed in accordance with MN Department of Health requirements.

Building Sewer is the horizontal drainage piping that extends from the building to the public or private sewage or septic system. A building sewer permit shall be obtained prior to the installation or repair of any building sewer to any structure on a community, municipal, or existing septic system. 

The Building Water Main Supply System is the supply piping carrying potable water in or adjacent to the building or premises. A building water main permit shall be obtained prior to the installation or repair of any exterior building water supply system.

Important Note: New Residential Dwellings (homes) shall apply for any applicable septic, sewer, or water permits inclusive with the main building permit and list the sub-contractors on the Contacts and Contractors form.

Building Sewer or Water Main permits will be issued to MN licensed plumbing contractors, certified pipe layers with plumbing bond registration and homeowners completing their own sewer/water main work only. The applicant must be completing the work. 


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