Budget Office

General Responsibilities
  • Prepare department budget
  • Development and implementation of Strategic Plan
  • Oversee Countywide budgets and Strategic Plans
  • Oversee Countywide financial analysis
  • Oversee Countywide purchasing
  • Oversee County Annual Financial Report
  • Oversee State audit functions
Budget Analyst
  • Provide analysis of Strategic Plan
  • Provide analysis of current financial trends as they relate to the Strategic Plan
  • Provide analysis of long range cost of strategic development
  • Assist in development of strategic and financial reporting
  • As necessary, procure goods, services and equipment for user departments
  • Value and market analyses
  • Development of new sources of supplies
  • Obtain the best market prices through research, quotations, Requests for Proposals and competitive bidding process
  • Publicly advertise all solicitations and utilize the sealed bid/proposal process
  • Assist departments in planning, scheduling and bidding purchases
  • Administration of the County procurement card program
  • Process County Purchase Orders for Capital Improvement Program Fund