Employee Relations

The mission of Employee Relations is to provide professional support and leadership in the management of County human resources.

Employee Benefits Management

Employee Benefits Management includes planning and coordination to find and maintain a comprehensive and cost-effective benefits program that is valued by and meaningful to employees and helps retain staff.  This area covers plan design, contract development, self-insurance fund management, plan administration, employee communication, and coordinating the insurance committee.  For more information, contact Kristin Schmidt at 952-496-8194 or via email.

Employee Compensation Management

Scott County uses management, analysis, and planning to maintain a pay for performance (merit-based) compensation system that is externally competitive, internally equitable, and helps to attract and retain the talent we need to achieve County goals. Includes strategic planning, implementation, and pay equity. Minn. Stat. 375.60, MN Govt Pay Equity, MN Stat. 179 A (PELRA).  For more information, contact Lori Huss at 952-496-8604 (or via email) or Pam Johnson at 952-496-8107 (or via email).

Employee Health & Wellness

Wellness programs positively influence employee health, reduce absences, and reduces health care claims costs while improving employee engagement and productivity. This includes workplace programs and services to promote healthy lifestyles; workers’ compensation administration; and medical claims review, case management, and health coaching. HIPAA. For more information, contact Cheryl Kollasch at 952-496-8788 or via email.

Employee Performance Management

Performance management (PM) and evaluation is an ongoing communication process carried out between supervisors and employees throughout the year. Employee Relations develops and facilitates the process aimed at continually assessing, recognizing, and improving employee performance.  For more information, contact Lori Huss at 952-496-8604 (or via email) or Pam Johnson at 952-496-8107 (or via email).

Employee Safety

Scott County strives to ensure a safe and productive workplace where employees are provided the necessary equipment and training to perform their jobs safely. Includes all aspects of A Workplace Accident & Injury Reduction Act (AWAIR) and Occupational Safety & Health (OSHA) programs activity. Federal and MN OSHA.  For more information, contact Kevin Nelson at 952-496-8790 or via email.

Labor Relations Management

Promoting mutual understanding about workplace issues and engaging in respectful working relationships between the county and employees represented by labor unions are collaborative activities.  This includes organizational analysis for contract negotiations; contracts administration and oversight; management of investigations, disciplinary action, due process, and grievance management. MN Stat. 179A (PELRA).  For more information, contact Pam Johnson at 952-496-8107 or via email.

Workforce Planning & Talent Management

Strategic planning activity ensures the organization has and will continue to have people with the right skills in the right positions at the right time to efficiently and effectively meet organizational goals and objectives. This includes activities aimed at recruiting, assessing, managing, retaining, and structuring jobs and job duties that uses talent to achieve desired objectives and individual career pursuits.  For more information, contact Heather Shue at 952-496-8791 (or via email) or Joan Schwarz at 952-496-8403 (or via email).

Employee Training & Development

Providing training and development programs grows and develops staff in such areas as safety, technology, professional, leadership, and personal skills; investing in people is a vital component of business strategy and meeting County service delivery goals. Scott County strives to build and maintain a safe, efficient, and learning-oriented organization focused on developing employee skill sets to continually evolve with the needs of service/business.  For more information, contact Lori Huss at 952-496-8604 or via email.