We at SmartLink take pride in having good, safe vehicles. We want you to enjoy your bus and want you to feel safe when riding. Our buses are always kept in good running condition and meet the DOT's requirements. Our drivers perform a Pre-Trip inspection each time they report for work and a Post-Trip inspection at the end of the shift. During this time they check the bus from front to back and make sure that everything is in working condition.

We also try to keep the buses as clean as possible. We wash our buses often, both inside and out. Although it is a challenge to keep them clean in the middle of the Winter, we do our best.

All of our buses have the ability to transport wheelchairs and scooters. If you have a hard time with stairs we can use the lift to assist you into the bus.

"Tech" Buses
We also consider our buses to be on the "tech" side. All of our buses have a Mobile Data Computer inside the bus for the driver to use during their routes. This computer gives them all sorts of information about your ride that you have scheduled. They also have GPS, that assists them in finding tough addresses. This computer also assist schedulers and dispatchers in the office. Because of the GPS in the bus, both the schedulers and dispatchers can see exactly where the bus is and if its running on schedule. This allows us to move around rides easier and also keeps us more "on-time."

All buses are equipped with cameras and audio recording technology for the safety of our passengers and staff.

Styles of Bus

We currently have 2 different styles of bus right now in the fleet.
Different buses used at SmartLink Transit.