Refugee Health Exams

woman holding baby with bottle
A refugee is an individual from a foreign country who desires to immigrate to the United States. Before arriving in the United States, refugees:
  • Request entrance into the United States because of political, religious or tribal persecution.
  • Are given refugee status by the United States
  • Complete a medical examination to make sure they do not have infectious diseases, physical or mental disorders that involve harmful behaviors or current problems with drug abuse or addiction.
Arrival Exams

When a refugee arrives in the United States they are encouraged to complete full physical.  Refugees that reside in Scott County, are assigned a public health nurse to help them set up an exam and find a medical home  

Arrival Exam Components
  • Immunization assessment and update
  • Tuberculosis testing
  • Hepatitis B testing
  • Intestinal Parasite testing
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection testing
  • Malaria test (depending upon country of origin)
  • Lead screening for children less than age 17.
  • A general head to toe examination.