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Scott County Public Health provides services to promote healthier living for county residents. Public Health staff includes licensed registered nurses and health educators who provide assessment, teaching, support, and referrals to residents of Scott County. 

If you are seeking information about COVID-19, please check the informational menus below or contact us: 

  • Scott County COVID-19 Hotline: 952-818-3730 (Mon-Fri 8:00am-8:00pm, in English and Spanish)
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  • Printable Frequently Asked Questions: Available in English (PDF), Somali (PDF), and Spanish (PDF)
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    *Note: Some clinics are designed for community partners and/or specific target groups, so we may not put out a notification for every clinic posted.
Covid vaccination information
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Who can get a vaccine in Scott County right now?

Updated: 4/16/21 at 1:30pm

As of March 30, all Minnesotans ages 16 and older are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Scott County Public Health is eager to help all Scott County residents access the vaccine. To ensure the process is fair, equitable, and compliant with state guidelines, we have the following protocols in place:

We are vaccinating individuals 18 and older at this time. While the Governor's order includes ages 16 and older, Scott County is currently administering the Moderna vaccine in our open clinics, which is only approved for ages 18 and older. We are unable to administer the Moderna vaccine to youth under 18. 

How can 16- and 17-year-olds in Scott County get vaccinated?
NEW: We are now coordinating select Pfizer clinics for 16- and 17-year-olds who attend Scott County school districts. Please contact your school district for more information about registering.

We also recommend that Scott County families seeking to vaccinate teenagers contact their healthcare providers about the Pfizer vaccine, which is approved for ages 16 and older. The Minnesota Vaccine Connector is also useful tool to get notified of statewide clinics administering the Pfizer vaccine. We are monitoring for opportunities to obtain the Pfizer vaccine.

I have a preference for a specific vaccine. How will I know which one you're administering at a First Dose clinic?
We are displaying which vaccine is being administered at the clinic on the First Dose Appointments tab, and during registration. Please check each clinic carefully. Our supply is determined by vaccine availability from MDH. 

Scott County Public Health is prioritizing Scott County residents. To ensure Scott County residents have fair access to vaccine appointments, we are posting separate signup links on our Public Health website for clinics: links exclusive to Scott County residents and workers, and links for eligible Minnesotans that live outside of Scott County. These links will be labeled very clearly. We will monitor these links, and reserve the right to remove any non-Scott County resident who registers on a Scott County resident-specific clinic or a clinic reserved for community partners. Non-residents will be turned away at clinics reserved for Scott County residents.

Unauthorized link sharing creates access barriers for vulnerable Minnesotans, reinforces inequalities, and disrupts the process. We encourage visitors to examine sources and check our website before signing up on any link.

We are responsible for providing second doses to our first dose recipients. We are currently providing second doses for individuals who received a first dose from Scott County Public Health due to vaccine availability. When feasible, we will serve Scott County residents who received a first dose out of state. We encourage residents in this situation to contact our Hotline at 952-818-3730.

Scott County Community Health Resource Guide

Scott County Public Health created a Community Health Resource Guide with information on providers who accept Medical Assistance and offer sliding fees for those who are uninsured or under-insured.

English Guide
Spanish Guide

2021 Resource Guide cover
Can't find the service you need at our office?  Visit our resource directory for additional services.