Planning & Zoning

COVID-19 Updated 1/1/2021

Please be advised: Until further notice, this department will be conducting business activities electronically, via email or phone (Please see the Directory on the right for contact information).

Land Use Permits - New and existing permit related applications and submittal documents can be submitted via email. Payments will have to be sent through the US mail.

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Ordinance Updates

In 2019-20, Scott County staff met regularly with the County planning advisory commission, township officials and key stakeholders to discuss revisions to the zoning and subdivision ordinances. The revisions to these land development regulations were needed to implement the 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

The Planning Advisory Commission held a public hearing on the revisions on July 13, 2020. The County Board adopted the ordinance revisions on August 18, 2020.  Below is a summary of key revisions:

  • Establishes four new zoning districts: rural business (RBR), heavy industrial (I-2), hamlet mixed use overlay (HMU) and closed landfill restricted (CLR)
  • Requires deeper home setbacks from bluffs (from 30 to 50 feet)
  • Allows a non-family caregiver to occupy an Accessory Dwelling Unit
  • Sets new post-mining reclamation standards
  • Clarifies access requirements and turn lanes for development, in both zoning and subdivision ordinances
  • Sets clearer standards for kennels, day parks, shooting ranges and recreational land uses
  • Allows larger sheds and accessory buildings on rural lots (see table)

Collaborative Processes

The Scott County Planning Department is here to serve you. The department is legally responsible for planning and zoning in all eleven townships within the County. The Department works collaboratively with the townships officials (local road authorities) in making decisions and guiding development. Each of the seven cities in the County is legally responsible for their own planning and zoning. However, given the complexity of extraterritorial issues and rapid growth, the County and Cities cooperate on many growth management issues.


Planning Department’s responsibilities in the townships include:

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