Foster Family Pledge

In our home and foster family, I/we believe all members-regardless of age, gender or ancestry-always have equal rights to:
  1. Have their ideas, feelings and dreams heard and respected
  2. Have their needs considered seriously and fairly
  3. Know clearly who’ s responsible for what, and what our rules and consequences are
  4. Make and learn from their own mistakes without shame or excessive guilt
  5. Be seen as a unique, special and worth-while person
  6. Learn and grow at their own pace and in their own direction
  7. Enough privacy, space, and freedom of choice
  8. Protection from family members who abuse, neglect, share ,or violate personal boundaries
  9. Unconditional love, respect and physical, emotional, and spiritual safety
  10. Their own friends, values and activities, as long as they are not harmful, in the judgment of the foster parents