Together WE CAN

Together WE CAN (Work to End Child Abuse and Neglect) is a community-driven movement with the bold goal of ending child maltreatment within a generation. Founded on the belief that parental wellbeing is inextricably linked to child wellbeing, Together WE CAN works to mitigate the impact of past trauma while preventing future trauma, meeting families where they are to support emotional and economic stability.

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End child abuse and neglect within a generation.



Scott County is an equitable place where all children and families are safe and thriving, remaining intact, with the ability to access and use resources to support family stability and community connections now and in future generations.

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About the Movement to End Child Abuse and Neglect_Together WE CAN
  1. History
  2. The Movement
  3. Protective Factors
  4. Our Partners
  5. Resources

The Problem      

Child Abuse and neglect is a profound problem, impacting the health and safety of children and families, and the overall wellbeing of our communities within Scott County.


Community Conversations          

In late 2017, Scott County Child Protection Services (CPS) and Scott County Public Health came together to begin tackling the increasing numbers of children and families entering the child protection system. The County engaged the community in helping to answer the question, “How do we prevent child abuse and neglect?” Through this effort, two community conversations were hosted, drawing 72 individuals to begin assessing the strengths and gaps within our community. 


The Strategic Plan

These conversations and additional community outreach resulted in the draft of a strategic plan in 2018, with four central themes: 1) affordability/economic stability, 2) awareness of and access to services, 3) cultural competence, and 4) service coordination and integration. Supported by the Scott County Board of Commissioners, implementation of the Strategic Plan began in 2019 and was continued throughout 2020.


This implementation marked the first time in Scott County history that CPS focused on prevention and community engagement; shifting from reactive to proactive work. To make this move to upstream services, CPS transparently partnered with parents and professionals across the community to actively reduce the number of children who experience abuse and neglect across the county. In alignment with this work and to meet such a bold goal, Scott County Commissioners developed a strategy within the County’s five-year strategic plan documenting their commitment to children and families in our community.

Family Resource Centers

Family Resource Centers of Scott County are a one-stop-shop for connection to 

services, resources, information, and support.

At the Family Resource Centers, you will find:

  • Parenting skills, support, and mentorship programs
  • Early literacy and education programs
  • Health and wellness services and programs
  • Financial literacy classes
  • Economic Assistance navigation
  • Housing consultation
  • Legal information
  • Domestic violence education and advocacy
  • Culturally-specific service navigation and language access for Latinx and Somali communities
Head to the Family Resource Center website for locations, hours, and schedules.