Instructions for Reporting for Sentence

You have been ordered to serve a sentence in the Scott County Jail. To avoid any problems or delays in starting your Jail sentence, read and follow the instructions below.

For All Sentences

On your scheduled date and time, you must report to:
Scott County Jail
301 Fuller Street South
Shakopee, MN

If you do not report on your scheduled date and time, a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

You will be required to provide a urine sample and provide a breath test when you report to Jail. Reporting to jail under the influence of alcohol or drugs will result in a delay of community release privileges and possible loss of good time.

You should leave personal property such as jewelry, purses, credit cards, etc. at home.

For verification purposes please bring a valid ID or driver’s license.

The Jail will not accept books, magazines, games, suitcases or duffel bags of clothing, or hygiene items.

Community Release

If you believe that you qualify for the Community Release Program, you should read and follow all of the instructions in the Community Release Eligibility Notice and Instructions.

Per Minnesota State Statute 641.12 Subd. 3, All offenders will be required to pay a per-day fee while incarcerated in any jail in Minnesota.

The rate for services provided by the Scott County Jail is $20 per day for all straight time and work release inmates.

You will be required to pay $20 per day if you are serving a sentence for Scott County.

The fee could be higher if you are serving your sentence for another County or State.
If you have questions about community release you may call 952-496-8930 or 952-496-8032.

Further Information