Total Rewards Philosophy

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Scott County has adopted a Total Rewards philosophy.

Total Rewards philosophy statement:
Scott County is an employer of choice, supporting, encouraging, and engaging employees through focused employee investments and workplace programs and offerings that promote and foster individual and organizational well-being. The net result of this philosophy is public service excellence.

​​What does that mean? ​​It’s about the bigger picture of what is involved in the making of a great workplace. We understand that pay and benefits are some of the most important things to employees and we also know that there is more to job satisfaction and an employee’s life and well-being in general. Do they feel appreciated and valued? Is their work fulfilling? Is there opportunity to grow and develop? Is there an ability to balance the demands of work and home? Does one have a sense of belonging? These are all factors that impact well-being, which in turn leads to job satisfaction. Healthy individuals lead to a healthy organization, which enables us to better serve our community. ​​ Our goal is to address the multiple facets of employee well-being via 6 different program delivery “buckets.” These buckets encompass different topic areas, benefits, and initiatives that the County invests in to achieve Total Rewards. ​

Physical Health

Think prevention (flu shots), fitness classes, wellness challenges, access to a nurse, and active lifestyles. All of these things fall under and help promote physical health.

Workplace Social (Belonging)

This involves making sure Scott County is an engaging and safe place to work and it’s achieved through some of our county policies, safe work practices, community involvement, and different committees such as the Green Team, Spirit of Scott, and Employee’s Association. We want to encourage belonging and team activity and provide opportunities to connect with other employees and the community.

Work/Life Balance (Fulfillment)

This bucket includes paid holidays, PTO/Vacation/Sick Leave, a manageable workload, and flex scheduling when possible. We know there is more to employee’s lives than just work and we seek to help employees find balance.

Financial (Security)

​The County’s approach to financial security includes compensation of course, but also increasing knowledge and awareness around retirement planning, insurance, deferred compensation plans, workers compensation, short and long-term disability, and PERA. It’s not only important for employees to feel financially secure in the day to day, but also as they go through life change and transition

Training & Development (Achievement)

Most jobs require at least some initial or ongoing training to keep skills sharp and maintain certain qualifications, so it’s important to provide the training necessary for employees to do their jobs. Beyond that, people naturally like to learn and grow in their careers, so part of the Total Rewards philosophy is to provide training and development programs and opportunities. This includes tuition reimbursement, performance management, employee recognition, and professional development.

Emotional Health

The world is growing increasingly diverse and complex and change is a constant. Stress and pressure in daily living can take a toll on each of us. We all have different needs, styles, and perspectives when it comes to problem-solving and decision-making. The focus here is to recognize that fact and work together to find ways and means to bring our best selves forward. We can fill that emotional health bucket through resiliency training, stress management, and through utilization of Employee Assistance programming.

​​You’ll notice that many of these buckets overlap: exercising to improve physical health can also have a positive impact on emotional health, financial struggles can adversely impact emotional health, and training and development opportunities can also help fill the Workplace Social bucket, and so on. This is where the “total” part of “Total Rewards” comes from. It’s a program and philosophy designed to consider the many different aspects of a person’s well-being. Come join our team!

Be supported. Be encouraged. Be engaged. Be well!