Exam Administration

All Scott County Libraries administer exams for students enrolled in an educational institution, and there is no cost for this service. We do reserve the right to limit this service.  

Please note: Staff cannot administer Minnesota insurance and real estate exams, per the MN Department of Commerce exam requirements. Please contact your library for a list of proctors in the Minneapolis metro area.

Schedule an Exam

Before an exam is scheduled:

  1. Complete our online form (also embedded below).  
  2. Exams must be scheduled at least two business days in advance.  Since the date or time you want may not be available, it is best to schedule the exam well in advance.  Contact your library for more information.

Exam Administration Guidelines & Scheduling Form

  1. It is the student’s responsibility to verify that the guidelines are acceptable to their institution:
    • Staff will not be able to proctor Minnesota insurance and real estate exams, per the MN Department of Commerce exam requirements. Please contact the Library for a list of proctors in the Minneapolis metro area.
    • Library staff will not provide constant monitoring/supervision during the testing period.
    • The student must contact library staff to schedule the exam at least two library-open days in advance. Library Hours are found here. This service may not be available during all open hours.
    • Library staff on duty at the time of the test will monitor it, regardless of who scheduled the exam.
    • Tests can be mailed or emailed to the library. Students must verify in advance that the test or password has arrived.
    • The student is required to present a picture ID before testing begins.
    • Staff will not hold personal items for the student during the exam (e.g. cell phones, text books, backpacks, etc.)  
    • The student is responsible for all fees/charges related to the testing, including printing and mailing fees. Library staff will send completed written examinations to the testing institution via U.S. Postal Service in postage-paid envelopes provided by the student or the institution. Library staff will not send completed exams via FedEx, UPS, or other commercial carriers. 
    • The library may not be able to install special software to take online exams.
    • If the student is not able to take the exam at the scheduled time, please call in advance to cancel or reschedule.
    • Staff will not rate, grade, or otherwise assess the quality or value of the student’s work prior to or after the exam.
    • The library reserves the right to limit this service, if necessary.
    • In an effort to continue offering and improving proctoring services, the library may send you a brief survey about your proctoring experience. Your recommendations are important to us.
  2. I (the student) have verified that the Scott County Library Proctoring Guidelines above meet my Institution's Requirements. *
  3. First and Last
  4. Professor or testing center
  5. For example: BIO 101 Introduction to Biology
  6. Do you need a library computer for the test(s)?*
  7. Do you need a meeting or study room for the test(s)?*
  8. First test must be at least two library-open days in advance of today's date.
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