1. Agricultural Homestead

    Agricultural Homestead credit applies to property classified as agricultural, excluding the house, garage, and first acre. The amount of the agricultural homestead credit varies depending on the market value of the property.

  2. Residential Homesteads

  3. Requests for Information

    Please refer to this list of contacts for commonly requested reports and services relating to property tax or parcel data.

  4. Reading Your Proposed Property Tax Notice (PDF)

    Learn how to read your proposed property tax notice.

  5. Reading Your Notice of Valuation (PDF)

    Learn how to read your notice of valuation and classification.

  6. Pay Property Tax

    Gather information and resources about property taxes.

  7. Search for Property Information

    View or Print a property tax statement.

  8. Property Tax Calculator

    This is only an estimate of what the property taxes would be on a single family, residential property, using the most recently calculated and common tax rates for the area chosen.

  9. Property Tax Administrators

    Access data pertaining to property values, levies, tax rates and other information related to property taxes and taxing districts in Scott County.

  10. Minnesota Tax Court

    Taxpayers have until April 30 of the year taxes are due to file an appeal with the Minnesota Tax Court. An appeal of the 2015 assessment for taxes payable in 2016 valuation must be filed prior to April 30, 2016.

  11. Exempt Status

    A property receiving a property tax exemption does not pay general property taxes. However, property exempt from the general property tax may be required to pay for special assessments and services.

  12. Disabled Veterans Exclusion

    In 2008, the Minnesota Legislature enacted a market value exclusion for honorably discharged veterans with service-connected disabilities.