Summer Reading 2017

Summer Spotlight Summer Reading Program
Celebrate a season of reading with Summer Spotlight at the library: Saturday, June 10 – Saturday, August 12, 2017

Summer Spotlight, the Scott County Library’s newly renovated summer program, offers fun and enriching events and reading incentives for kids 0-18 years of age. We welcome you and your kids to the library this summer!
Great Summer Read Down Worried about fees on your library card? Participate in the Great Summer Read Down

Why Participate

Kids and teens who engage in learning activities during the summer start their next school year ready to learn. The free events and activities at the library can help prevent summer learning loss. The library offers free events and activities all summer that can help prevent the dreaded summer slide – watch the video below to learn more about summer slide and how the library’s summer program can help!
Sometimes, we all need extra motivation to keep reading and learning over the summer.  This year, participating kids and teens can earn twice as many free books and even more entries into the state fair ticket drawing. There are even special incentives attached to some programs like notebooks, invisible ink pens, and library card holders. These prizes place the value on continuing to learn during summer.

What’s New in 2017

The Name

Our summer reading program is now called Summer Spotlight! This new name reflects the unique opportunity kids and teens have to choose their own paths of self-directed learning and development at the library in the summer. You’ll still see the Bookawocky logo this summer as we transition to the new logo and name.  

Paper Option

Our redesigned paper form allows kids and teens to choose areas of interest to focus on during the summer and encourages them to plan a variety of activities (including reading!) around their passions. Click the links below for printable versions of the program. All files are in PDF format. 

Online Option

Hosted by Beanstack, we’ve built a BRAND NEW custom summer reading and learning experience for Scott County kids & teens that is easy to use, tailored to different ages and interests, and full of great ideas for staying engaged and active all summer long. Try it out now!

Learn how to sign up and use our online option in the two short videos below.

Great Summer Read Down 

Youth can reduce or “read down” youth fees on their library cards by reading (or being read to) in the library. Receive $2 off for every 20 minutes starting May 25th. Speak with library staff to sign-in and starting earning! Learn more about this exciting program here.
Great Summer Read Down


You’ll notice more drop-in events, like weekly Arty Smarty and Crafty Science programs, that require no registration and allow you to come and leave when you like. Also new this year are several mini-camps and art & writing workshops – they require registration, but offer a more in-depth and hands-on experience for kids & teens. We still have some book clubs, but many have been replaced with events like drop-in book parties and Listen & Doodle, where kids can listen to a read-aloud of a Maud Hart Lovelace nominee while they color, doodle, or follow along with the copy of the book. Links to all events are listed below.
  1. Online Events Calendar
  2. Printable Events Calendar

Youth Volunteers

Our libraries use volunteers ages 12 and up during the summer to help with the library’s summer reading program and events. Volunteers typically work 15-30 hours over the 9 weeks of the summer reading program. Contact your local library in early April for more information, but don’t delay – deadline to submit applications is May 15th.


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