In this organization your unique talents and dedicated efforts can and will make a difference in the lives of the people and the communities we serve. Let's work together.
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  1. About the Workplace

    Continually evolving, our culture is customer service driven, employee focused, and results oriented. We take pride in the work we do and we strive to exceed the expectations of those we serve.

  2. Job Descriptions & Interest Notifications

    If you would like to be notified when a specific job opens, select a job title and select "Email me when this position becomes available."

  3. Current Openings

    Access open job postings and employment opportunities.

  4. Internal Job Openings

    These openings are only open to current Scott County employees - this excludes on-call/intermittent, temporary, seasonal, interns, and/or volunteers. For job postings open to all, please visit Scott County job postings.

  5. Hiring Process

    Selection methods are job-related assessments designed to objectively measure knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for a position.

  6. Compensation & Benefits

    We position our pay grades competitively based on market conditions. We reward employees based on performance and skill-based pay systems.

  7. Veterans Preference

    If you've served in the military, you may be eligible for preference in employment.

  8. Total Rewards Philosophy

    Scott County has adopted a Total Rewards philosophy. Our goal is to address the multiple facets of employee well-being via 6 different program delivery “buckets.”