Rider Resources

  1. Disability Accessibility

    We here at SmartLink Transit take pride in providing transportation to all residents of Scott and Carver counties, even if you have a disability.

  2. Downloadable Forms

    These useful forms can be printed out, then filled out and either faxed or mailed to us.

  3. Lost & Found

    Lost items found on a SmartLink bus are sent to the SmartLink Mobility Management Offices located at the Marschall Road Transit Station.

  4. Rider Rules & Tips

    We want everyone's ride to be enjoyable and safe. In order for that to happen we ask that all riders please follow these rules and tips.

  5. Rider Alerts

    Sometimes we have things happen that require us to Alert Riders of our services like a change in routing on a fixed route or maybe some important information regarding a Dial-A-Ride service.

  6. Title VI

    SmartLink Transit grants equal access to its programs and services to all citizens. The Title VI document serves to make citizens aware of their rights to such access, and serves to educate citizens so that they may understand the civil rights laws that protect their receipt and benefit of such services as defined by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

  7. Vehicles

    We at SmartLink take pride in having good, safe vehicles.