Roads & Transportation

  1. Construction Projects

    View the various construction projects that have been managed by the Roads and Transportation Department.

  2. Future Projects & Studies

    Access information regarding future road and transportation projects that are currently in the design process or under study.

  3. Completed Projects

    List of recently completed or past construction projects

  4. Completed Studies

    Check out all of the various studies and projects that have been completed within Scott County.

  5. Adopt A Highway Program

    The Scott County Adopt A Highway program began in 1991 as a way for citizens to serve their community and protect the environment. Adopt A Highway volunteers currently clean almost 400 miles of Scott County roadways.

  6. GIS / Maps

    View the various maps that define the boundaries of Scott County.

  7. Highway Maps

    View the details on how you can purchase a Scott County Highway Map.

  8. Highway Permits

    Access information related to highway permits.

  9. Right-of-Way

    Right-of-way is a general term denoting ownership or interests in land or property, which is usually a linear corridor or a strip of land associated with transportation related uses and purposes.

  10. Road Maintenance

    The Scott County Highway Maintenance Department maintains nearly 400 miles of existing county highways. This includes the maintenance and repair of the County's highways, snow plowing, sign and signal maintenance, ditch cleaning, shouldering, and much more.

  11. Public Transportation

    SmartLink Transit, MVTA, and more...

  12. Traffic Operations

    View resources that are related to traffic engineering and operations in Scott County.

  13. Transportation Planning & Programs

    View the various plans in place for the transportation system of Scott County and please view the programs in place for the future of transportation in the county.

  14. Transportation Sales Tax

    The Transportation Sales Tax (.5 percent sales tax and $20 excise tax on vehicles purchased for road use) was approved by the Scott County Board to help fund road, bridge, and transit projects within the County. Get more information on the nature of this tax and how it is applied within Scott County.

  15. Construction Bidding

    Access highway construction bidding information and documents.