2040 Comprehensive Plan

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The County’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan will be drafted over the next two years and completed by December 2018 (timeline). This Plan will build and improve upon the 40 years of long-range planning and analysis that has guided the growth and development of Minnesota’s fastest growing county.  It will set goals, policies and recommendations for land use, transportation, utilities, recreation, natural resources, farmland preservation, economic development, housing, public health and safety, and livable communities.  The County’s 2040 Plan will conform to regional plans and coordinate with other local and adjacent long-range plans.

Throughout 2017, the Scott County Planning Advisory Commission will review draft chapters of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan at its monthly meeting.  After each review, the draft chapter will be posted below for public review.  Click on the chapters with links to review the draft document. (In each draft chapter, underlined text is proposed new information, strike-through text is proposed deleted information from the 2030 plan document)

Chapter I: Introduction
Chapter II: Community Engagement
Chapter III: Community Background
Chapter IV: County Vision
Chapter V: Land Use & Growth Management
Map: 2040 Planned Land Use (DRAFT: September 1, 2017)
Chapter VI: Transportation
Chapter VII: Parks & Trails
Chapter VIII: Water, Natural & Agricultural Resources
Chapter IX: Housing
Chapter X: Economic Competitiveness
Chapter XI: Utilities & Local Government Facilities
Chapter XII: Safe, Healthy & Livable Communities
Chapter XIII: Implementation & Metrics   

Scott County has and will continue to conduct a wide range of
community engagement, education and outreach techniques throughout every stage of the planning process to stimulate thought and gain input into the 2040 Plan. Public participation using a variety of platforms, venues, forms and techniques will help ensure that the County’s long-range plan accurately reflects the vision, goals and values of its residents and businesses.  To read the progress being made on 2040 community engagement, please click on the links below.

Conversations with the Community: Report from a Targeted Community Engagement Approach (September 2017)

2040 Vision Update Report  (April 2017)

Looking Ahead to 2040
(August/September 2016 Scott SCENE Article)

Planning for the Future (February/March 2017 Scott SCENE Article)

Recently, two major studies on housing and economic development have been completed that will serve as the basis for many of the recommendations coming out of the County’s 2040 plan.  These two studies can be reviewed or downloaded below:

A Commercial/Industrial Demand Analysis for Scott County, Minnesota
2017, Maxfield Research & Consulting

Comprehensive Housing Needs Update, Scott County, Minnesota
2016, Maxfield Research & Consulting

Please bookmark this page and check back regularly over the next two years to see important notices and information related to the 2040 Comprehensive Plan. 

Questions and Comments

Please send your questions or comments on the 2040 Comprehensive Plan or planning process via email, phone, or mail to the following:

Brad Davis, AICP
Planning Manager
Scott County
Community Services Division
200 Fourth Avenue West
Shakopee, Minnesota 55379-1220