Licenses & Permits

  1. Birth, Death, & Marriage

    Take a look at the certificates and licenses that are related to the births, deaths and marriages within Scott County.

  2. Building Permits

    View permits that are related to Buildings within Scott County.

  3. Child Care Licensing

  4. Drivers Licenses & ID's

    Drivers Licenses & IDs

  5. Firearm Permits

    Residents who want to apply for permits to purchase or transfer handguns must apply in person to the police department in the city in which they live.

  6. Foster Care Licensing

    Potential foster and adoptive parents go through a similar process to be licensed and approved. Minnesota requires foster parents to meet licensing prior to placement. Scott County may place a child with a relative who is not licensed at the time of placement as long as the relative promptly completes the licensing process and meets the required standards.

  7. Highway Permits

    The Physical Development Department (formerly Public Works/Highway) administers a permit program with an objective of preventing damage to roadways and maintaining traffic safety and convenience.

  8. Lake & Event

    Access information to permits at the lake and events.

  9. Motor Vehicles

    See the various permits related to motor vehicles within Scott County.

  10. Passport Applications & Photos

    Access information about what it takes to get a passport depending on what your age and citizen status is.

  11. Professional Licenses

    See the various professional licenses that are offered within Scott County.